Dr. G.P.C. Nayar

Books & Articles

Ecstasies of Life
This is an authentic story of Dr. Nayar’s life. The author Dr. Sudha Ulaga Oli lived closely with Dr. Nayar for more than three years and interviewed more than 300 people known to Dr. Nayar before she started writing this book. Have rare photographs to make the book readable. Published by SCMS Publishers the book is distributed by Konarak Publishers, Delhi.

An Endless Quest For Excellence
Written by Prof. N.C. George, with participation from Dr. G.P.C. Nayar, An Endless Quest for Excellence is the history of SCMS and a part biography. The story of establishment of each institution of the SCMS Group of Educational Institutions, the trials and tribulations Dr. Nayar has undergone, the waiting he has suffered before many offices, the ignominies he has confronted on occasions etc are graphically and interestingly narrated in this book. Profusely illustrated the book is published by the SCMS Group.

Tomorrow Never Comes
Tomorrow Never Comes by K.L Mohana Varma, the celebrated novelist, short story writer and satirist is a compressed story of the long life of Dr. Nayar. It is written in the form of a novel and he has taken liberties at times to add stories to enhance its readability. Published by Konarak Publishers, Delhi, the first edition, which came out in 2010 has already been sold out. The second edition is under print. Rare photos of Dr. Nayar and his family adds colour to the book.

'Ini Ennu Varum'
He published some 10 short stories in book form with the title ‘Ini Ennu Varum’. It was first published by D.C. Books in 2001. The subsequent editions were published by Current Books. He could not trace the old copies of the magazines to collect his other stories and publish them in book form.

Introduction to Public Relations
A book on Public Relations in English was published in 1989. This is an authentic volume on Public Relations in the Indian context. Published by Orient Longmans the book is considered a basic text book by institutions of communication studies.

Creative Writer
Dr. Nayar had written hundreds of articles on family planning and social development while he was in charge of its publicity in the State Public Relations Department. In order to make village people participate in the developmental activities these articles have considerably helped, according to Dr. Nayar, who had several occasions to interact with villagers on these issues. He did not compile these articles in a book form.

Short Story Writer
Dr. Nayar was a short story writer of repute in the sixties and early seventies. He published more than sixty short stories in reputed journals and magazines like Mathrubhumi, Mangalodayam, Kerala Sabdam, Kumkumom, Malayalarajyam etc. Other multifarious activities took away his time that was earmarked for creative writing.